Benefits of  Paddling Membership
To participate in the GoPink!DC program of NCAWPA, you receive the following benefits:
  • Full membership in National Capital Area Women's Paddling Association (NCAWPA) with associated benefits of a fantastic network of fellow paddlers, steering and coaching staff
  • Use of club equipment including boats, paddles and life jackets, rowing and paddling machines, and general fitness equipment
  • Use of the highest quality regulation size dragon boats and outrigger canoes
  • Participation in unlimited number of regularly scheduled practices (based on experience level) during season on the water
  • Participation in year-round programs including an off-season conditioning program of paddling and rowing machine workouts, circuit training and yoga
  • Competitive races and fun paddling events with sister breast cancer survivor teams in the fastest growing international water sport 
  • Participation in club-wide social gatherings and community events
  • Financial accommodations available

The organization has no paid staff and is operated and maintained by its members. Community service and volunteerism are encouraged and expected from members to ensure the organization meets its mission. A portion of Membership fees, which amount to less than $25 per month, allow us to maintain the Anacostia Community Boathouse, our equipment, and related costs. 


Becoming a Member

To participate in the GoPink!DC program of NCAWPA, a member must complete the online NCAWPA membership form by clicking the link below, sign a waiver, and pay the annual membership dues (either via PayPal or check payable to NCAWPA) as detailed below.  

First Year - $150
Second Year - $225
Third Year + - $275

Please Note: GoPink!DC does not want the inability to pay our dues to be a reason for not joining the club, or renewing membership.  Dues accommodations are granted on a case-by-case basis; please contact our membership coordinator with your request.